While workin their Anatoly SHEVCHENKO has played great number of uniqe programs among wich the folowing compositions.
1. "Antology of Guitar" including a series of concerts in wich evolutions of musical thinking in general is considered in general :

- Antique Ipoch and Middle Ages ;
- Renessance ;
- Barocco ;
- Classicism ;
- Romanticism ;
- Music of the 20-th sentuary

2. "Geografy of guitar" in aech consert of wich evolution of national lute and guitar schools is shown :

- Spain XVI-XX
- Italy
- France XII-XX
- Germany XVI-XX
- England
- Slavic cant of guitar

        Its necessary to mention the unique program wich is the final part of the series :

- "Guitar and Etnography".
       The programs devoted to Flamenco. Art are given below :

- Guitar flamenco
- Fiesta flamenco

        The program "The flouwers Suite", "Guitar fantasia, Evolution of genre" and others.
        For many years Anatoly SHEVCHENKO does comparitive musicology, musical Etnography, Theory and practice of Flamenco. It allowed him to creative the program "Echo of Ellada".
        In 1968-1988 Anatoly SHEVCHENKO created four programs

- "Contra Viento" (Against the wind)
- "Touching"
- "My Thoughts"
- "Lorcada"

as well as the program "Spiritual cantos of the guitar" ,so speaking about Shevchenko as a performer we can say that his repertoire includes European music (XIII - XX centuries) and seven centuries of antique music, ethnographical forms, flamenco music (author`s improvisations), his own compositions and numerous author`s arrangements.
       Anatoly Shevchenko successfully performed in many cities of the formed Soviet Union - in St.- Peterburg, Moscow, Wladyvostoc, Kazan, Ecaterinburg, Kiev, Lviv etc. Spain, Germany, Poland and Hungary applauded him, and in Linares (Spain), Andreas Segovia`s native town, Anatoly Shevchenko was awarded with the "Golden plate" in commemoration of the municipal gratitude for his brilliant concert.